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First Review: Pokemon Soul Silver



Hello everyone! Welcome to my first review! I’m going to talk about one of my personal favorites from the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Soul Silver.


Pokemon Soul Silver cover art

Pokemon was and still is a very popular RPG game since it’s first release in 1995. The main goal of the game was to capture monsters called Pokemon, and battle them against trainers and people called gym leaders. Once the player has defeated all eight gym leaders, they can go on and take on the elite four.

Pokemon Soul Silver, or SS for short, was a remake of the original game, Pokemon Silver. You start out in a town called New Bark town, and get your first Pokemon from the local professor named Prof. Elm.

Pokemon SS is an engaging and addictive game, keeping you clutching your DS until the end! There are many different characters, and although they aren’t as endearing as some other RPG characters, you will find that they each are fun to get to know!

Since Pokemon Soul Silver was a remake of the original, it of course has updated graphics and some new features. The graphics have been worked on quite a bit since the original Pokemon Silver, and some of the new features are listed below:

The Pokewalker

Fixed glitches

Enhanced features


Overall, Pokemon SS is a very well made game. It has a well put together plot, which in my opinion was my favorite plot in any Pokemon game. The game itself still has the feel of the original, and it still keeps the player’s attention like its other Pokemon siblings. I would strongly suggest getting this game if you’re a fan of the Pokemon series, or even if you’re just a turn-based fighting fan!

I hope you all enjoyed this review, and if you feel there is anything I need improvement on or that I missed, please let me know in the comments! If you like this review please follow! Thanks!   

Extra footage:


The Pokewalker


Taking a photo with the Eeveelutions


Choose your starter!



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